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For over 70 years, SUEZ Consulting has been providing its consulting and engineering expertise to local authorities and public entities aiming to develop their cities and regions sustainably, and to industrial clients wishing to adapt their production tools in line with the ecological and energy transition.

Together, we can design and develop responsible projects with a positive impact on our environment.

SUEZ Consulting supports its customers at every phase of their project: from the strategic stage, with strategic consultancy and technical assistance, to studies and blueprints, from design and supervision of work to decommissioning and assistance with operations, with expertise in project management, contracting authority support, auditing, and knowledge transfer through training.

Our clients talk about us

Designing and bringing to life tomorrow’s cities and the factory of the future
Creating efficient and sustainable infrastructure to make regions more attractive
Providing sustainable access to essential services
Helping to implement public policies
Reconciling the economic, environmental and social performance of our clients’ projects

Our references


SAFEGE is born

Following the nationalisation of the French energy sector in 1947, SAFEGE moves into the consulting engineering business and starts work on the design of the 80 km, 200,000 m3/day Casablanca water transmission system. Now known as Société Anonyme Française d’Études, de Gestion et d’Entreprises, the company changes its name to Société Anonyme Française d’Études in 1965, before taking its present name, SAFEGE, under which it continues to grow as a designer, engineer and innovator.



Drilling for water below Riyadh

The future of the Saudi capital is under threat from crippling water shortages.  After scouring the desert with a team of geologists, the SAFEGE engineer, Roman Karpoff, is convinced that Riyadh is underlain by a deep fossil aquifer. Drilling in March 1956 reveals an abundant supply of water of excellent quality. Drilling is continued to a depth of 1,307 metres and pumping begins in September. At the same time, SAFEGE begins work on the design of a rail link between Riyadh and the Red Sea – already demonstrating its capability as a multidisciplinary engineering and development consultancy.


Planning and designing projects on behalf of Lyonnaise des Eaux

SAFEGE consolidates its home market and extends its network of offices right across the French territory. Studies for the towns of Morsang-sur-Seine, Cadarache and Aubergenville bring it international recognition as does the design of a suspension railway, a project the company is involved in for over two decades.

Towards the end of 1956, SAFEGE is commissioned by Lyonnaise des Eaux to explore the possibility of pumping 100,000 m3/day from the Aubergenville wellfield to meet growing demand in the French capital and Paris’s western suburbs. Having prepared the planning submissions, SAFEGE produces the detailed design for the pumping and transmission facilities and the project is completed nearly a year ahead of schedule.


When the drawing board dream becomes reality

Less costly than an underground system, less space-consuming than an overground railway, the suspension railway dubbed “The Safege” is seen as the solution of the future to growing congestion in big cities. Launched in 1947, this groundbreaking project culminates in a technical achievement that captures worldwide attention and heralds SAFEGE’s future involvement in the transport and urban development sectors.


SAFEGE comes to the rescue of Disneyland Paris

When the Disneyland Paris development falls behind schedule in 1989, Disney enlists the services of SAFEGE to get the operation back on track. SAFEGE thus has to rise to the huge challenges of taking over a project in mid-stream as well as changing requirements on the part of the client and the need to adapt to the client’s modus operandi. For that purpose a dedicated office is set up, staffed by a team of 90 high-calibre people representing 18 different nationalities. The result is that Disney is able to open its first European theme park on time.


Phnom Penh: one of the best managed water companies in Asia

After 1992, SAFEGE works in close collaboration with the Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA), for which it carries out numerous studies, project management, and design and construction supervision assignments. After rebuilding a system devastated by years of civil war and setting up a reliable customer management system, the emphasis shifts to expanding the production and treatment facilities and building the pipelines needed to improve the supply of water to a rapidly expanding capital city. With a water-sold/water-produced ratio of 93% and bill collection topping 99%, PPWSA is one of the best managed water companies in Asia.


Tunnelling below Buenos Aires

During the ten-year period beginning in 1993, SAFEGE provides engineering services for the rehabilitation and extension of the water distribution and sewer systems of Greater Buenos Aires. The contract is one of the largest of its kind in 30 years, encompassing the feasibility studies, preliminary designs and construction supervision services for the Saavedra-Moron water tunnel (15 km-long, 3.5 m-diameter tunnel of capacity 9 m3/s, excavated at a depth of 30 m), as well as water and wastewater pumping stations, lift stations, drinking water treatment plants, a collector sewer and 1,300 km of primary and secondary water and sewer lines. An additional three million people are connected to the water and sewerage systems by the end of the project.


Rebuilding Sarajevo

Following the technical assistance contract undertaken for the Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia Herzegovina between 1998 and 2001, SAFEGE oversees the work to rebuild a number of public buildings in Sarajevo, including the rehabilitation of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the construction of the State border service headquarters and the restoration of the Novi Grad Town Hall, BiH Assembly building, the Vijecnica and the Court of BIH.


ACTIMAR – Operational oceanography for the benefit of the marine environment and its users

Marine, coastal, harbour and estuary modelling for the benefit of the environment

In 2007, through its subsidiary Actimar, SAFEGE branches out into the field of operational oceanography, an innovative discipline whose purpose is to provide real-time information on ocean conditions for a very diverse mix of clients, ranging from oil and gas companies, marine renewable energy companies, and ferry operators and shipping companies.


Superfast broadband for all!

SIEA, the energy and e-communications authority for the Ain département, awards SAFEGE its first major superfast broadband contract in 2007: a comprehensive design and supervision assignment to rollout out its Li@in network to the western half of the département, and involving the construction of the fibre trunk lines, expansion of the network to cover new communes and the installation of the active transmisssion equipment. The outcome: superfast broadband for 419 communes!


Design and construction supervision services for the Tours tramway line

The Greater Tours area has a population of roughly 300,000. The project involves the construction of the first line of a new tram system for the conurbation, running in a north-south direction and serving 29 stations along its 15.5 km length and some 50,000 passengers per day. Classified as a “City of Art and History”, Tours has the most extensive conservation area in France and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, centred around the Loire which bisects the city. SAFEGE, heading up the Infrastructure and Structures Unit, provides comprehensive design and construction supervision services and carries out the bulk of the statutory studies including the environmental impact assessments, studies required under the French Water Act and compulsory purchase procedures.


A water transfer project for the Setif Hautes Plaines region of Algeria

The 22 km Système Ouest water transfer system is designed to supply water to the Setif area for drinking water and irrigation purposes. The main components of the system are the Mahouane dam and transfer system from the existing Ighil Emda dam. SAFEGE prepares the detailed designs, provides technical assistance and supervises the construction of the Est (60 km) et Ouest (22 km) transfer systems.


EXPLICIT – Supporting the regional ecological transition

SAFEGE acquires all shares in EXPLICIT, following an initial partnership agreement signed in July 2010.  The move reinforces SUEZ Consulting’s expertise when it comes to enhancing energy efficiency, developing renewable energy sources and adaptating to climate change, areas in which EXPLICIT has a 20 year-long track record!


SAFEGE SAS becomes SUEZ Consulting - SUEZ 's consulting arm

The SUEZ Environnement Group, which SAFEGE is part of, rolls out its “Single Brand” architecture. Our multidisciplinary engineering and consulting activities become SUEZ’s consulting business. This single brand, the product of more than 150 years of shared history, is designed to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and partners and of our clients, public and private alike. SUEZ’s mission is to provide effective support to cities and industry in meeting the new challenges associated with managing resources sustainably.


Signature of a historic contract in the Balkans!

In 2017, SUEZ Consulting signed a study contract for infrastructure projects – the largest technical assistance contract ever secured by Consulting. The Group ensures the preparation of infrastructure projects in the water, transport and energy sectors for the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) to accompany them in their economic and social development.


SUEZ Consulting secures the new EU framework contract for the period 2018–2022

Through four framework contracts with the European Union, consortiums led by SUEZ Consulting have carried out over 600 missions in 80 countries, providing services with a total value of more than 60 million euros. SUEZ Consulting works closely with European and international financial institutions (European Union, European Investment Bank, French Development Agency, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) on the preparation and implementation of their development support to projects.


SUEZ Consulting Poland voted Best Quality Employer

SUEZ Consulting Poland received “Best Quality Employer 2019” certification, which rewards companies that promote the creation of secure, stable jobs while supporting the professional development of their staff. Particular attention was given to recruitment following internships, and our teams are proud of training young talents and contributing to their professional evolution. The diversity of our activities and our wide range of innovative projects enable everyone to find a role and fulfil their potential at SUEZ Consulting.


SUEZ Consulting joins the global business unit Smart & Environmental Solutions

Our ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility Pact represents a key stage in the company’s transformation. With seven major commitments, it meets a common goal: to develop environmental, ethical, social and governance-focused priorities at every level of the company, for all our customers and across all regions. These commitments reflect our identity, who we are, and what we aspire to in the future.


SUEZ Consulting strengthens its commitments!

Our ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility Pact represents a key stage in the company’s transformation. With seven major commitments, it meets a common goal: to develop environmental, ethical, social and governance-focused priorities at every level of the company, for all our customers and across all regions. These commitments reflect our identity, who we are, and what we aspire to in the future.

Urban planning

Urban networks and resilience
Complex roadways and civil engineering
Nature in the city
Connected urban planning and equipment
New urban mobility
Environmental labelling and certification
Rehabilitation of wastelands

Energy transition
& climate change

Renewable energy
Energy and Climate
Decentralised power generation


Surface water
Water in the city
Water and wastewater infrastructure
Port and maritime engineering


Public financial management and public policy

Environment & circular economy

Prevention and management plans
Waste collection, sorting and storage
Environmental management
Statutory studies
Material and energy recovery
Consultation and dialogue
Contaminated sites and soil

Digital territories

Development of digital services
Rollout of superfast broadband


Multimodal strategies
Urban transport (road, rail, cable)
River and maritime transport
Specific ways and eco-mobility
Energy and electro-mobility
MaaS, digital, autonomous transport
Projects management
Assistance to project ownership
Studies / Audits / Expertise
Project ownership

Strategic consulting

Starting with the issues that concern you, we will build an operational strategy to achieve your goals

A holistic, cross-disciplinary approach
Action plans

Studies and blueprints

We will provide all the decision-support tools you need to ensure efficient technical and cost planning of your systems as they evolves

Surveys and baseline assessments
Numerical modelling
Scenario development
Technical and cost planning


Design of cost-optimised, environmentally sound projects

Cost optimisation
Preparation of contract documents

Supervision of work

Managing the construction of your projects while maintaining control over quality, risks, costs and deadlines

Construction management
Organisation, planning and coordination
Commissioning and handover

Assitance with opérations

Expertise to support the continuous improvement and management of your installations

Support in the operation and maintenance phases

Optimisation consultancy


Environmentally sound end-of-life management including the reuse of construction materials

Project management for asbestos removal operations
Statutory studies
Management of waste streams

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